To friends, family, business partners,
    April 2nd we were unexpectedly hit with the news of our friend Jerry Frear’s passing which has shocked friends, family, and business partners which has deeply saddened the community as a whole which will he will be missed.

    My name is Sean, I am usually known as the person behind the scenes aiding in building his websites and hosting websites for his clients, putting server fires out, fixing websites, on site/remote tech support with my clients as well within Williamsport PA and outer states of PA. The reason I am posting this on his website to bring attention to people that are currently trying to get in contact with him. I have reached out to many various clients about his untimely passing to calm the worries about what is going to happen with their ongoing work. And I know there is a few people I haven’t reached out to yet. Thus, why I’m posting on his site.

    People that were actively working with Jerry on websites that I was actively developing for him will continue. I am still in the process of figuring out all the clients he was working with at this time so the torch gets picked up and keep this going for him. Please all I ask is for patience at this time. I know he had a lot going on. Please do not hesitate to email or call me. (Provided below) I will also forward it on to the correct people accordingly.

   Jerry, you brought a lot of smiles to the community and always looked on the outside of things. You will be missed.

   You can reach out to me by calling 570-995-1011 or emailing me